Dublin Specialist Dentistry
Many patients have received dental work in the past. They come to Dublin Specialist Dentistry because this treatment has failed with time, was inadequate or does not fulfil their requirements. More and more we see patients returning having received extensive crown, bridge work and dental implant therapy carried out in short periods of time, without proper planning by dentists who are not easily accessible for remedial work.



Case 1: This lady had visited Eastern Europe only 3 weeks before coming to us. She had 5 veneers and 1 crowns placed at a cost of several thousand euro. Since returning 3 of the veneers had fallen off and the veneers were of poor construction & aesthetics. She had embarrassment and pain from the exposed teeth.  After a proper assessment she was obviously a grinder and was always unsuitable for veneers. She had recently completed a course of braces and did not wish further orthodontics. Dr. Fitzgerald removed the inadequate dental work, fixed the tooth length and gum health. After deep bleaching, 6 high strength all ceramic crowns were placed. The photos show initial inadequate dental workdown the left side & the final crowns and smile down the right. She was delighted with her new teeth, and will continue to attend with Dr. Fitzgerald & her general dentist for essential maintenance and reviews.