Dublin Specialist Dentistry

If you want the best possible results carried out by the most highly trained dentists then you might choose specialist dental care. Our specialists have additional training in Prosthodontics, Endodontics and Oral Surgery meaning that we have more knowledge and experience to successfully carry out the most complex treatments and smaller treatment to exceptional standards.

In some circumstances your general dentist may refer you to a specialist for a problem they feel would be best treated by someone with greater training and experience in a specific area of dentistry.

You will always be seen by your specialist at each appointment.

Do you need a referral letter?

We prefer patients to be referred by their general dentist however we are happy see you without a referral should you choose.

If we see you without a referral, you might need to see your general dentist for some initial work before we can start your  treatment. We do not provide a standalone general dental service, and if you need only routine dental work such as a cleaning it is best to go to a general dentist first.

However if you know you have a specific problem such as missing teeth, painful wisdom teeth, old failing dentistry, uncomfortable dentures, tooth wear, implant dentistry etc. or want an overview or second option we are always happy to help.