Dublin Specialist Dentistry

A Dental Veneer (porcelain laminate veneer, ceramic veneer) is like a false fingernail that is cemented permanently to the front of a tooth in order to improve the colour, shape, close gaps, add length and improve the appearance of a tooth.

Veneers are best used on teeth that are not already heavily filled (crowns are better for these teeth) and require only minor modification. This is because the veneer bonds well to natural tooth enamel but not to fillings or dentine.

The advantage of a veneer is that is does not require a lot of preparation of the tooth. They are strong if done correctly and long lasting without the staining and short replacement cycle of white fillings (composite).

Veneers are made from various dental ceramic which are, high strength coloured glass. They are hand crafted by a ceramist, and it is the artistry & skill of the ceramist along with the diagnosis, planning,preparation & cementation technique by the prosthodontist that will achieve excellent results.