Dublin Specialist Dentistry
Exposure of unerupted teeth

Some adult teeth do not erupt as they should, in particular upper canine teeth and some premolar teeth.

This procedure is usually used to uncover impacted upper canine teeth. This tooth typically erupts at 13 years of age. If it remains unerupted or appears off-angle, you may be referred for treatment.

This treatment can only be provided in conjunction with an orthodontic treatment plan as the exposure simply uncovers the tooth, the orthodontist then slowly moves the tooth into alignment with braces.

This is a minor surgical procedure where the overlying gum and bone is removed to uncover the crown of the tooth. An orthodontic bracket may be placed at surgery or in some cases a surgical pack is placed to allow the site to heal around the exposed tooth. This procedure and can be performed comfortably under local anaesthetic or intravenous sedation.
Extractions for Orthodontic treatment

Sometime your Orthodontist or Dentist will recommend to have otherwise healthy but crooked teeth removed, to create space to straighten teeth with braces. Usually premolar teeth are removed but every case is different. Mr. Rogers treats many adults, adolescents and children before they get braces. Even nervous patients can be treated safely and successfully with IV sedation. Usually all teeth can be removed in one visit. We do require a referral letter from your Orthodontist or Dentist before removing any teeth.

What is the recovery period?

This depends on the type of exposure or extraction, the number of teeth and your own particular healing! A full assessment of this can be made at your consultation. All patients receive a prescription and comprehensive written post-operative instructions following a surgical procedure. Sick certificates can be issued on request.