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Bite Splints (Occlusal appliances, splints, night gurads) are used for the treatment of acute (painful) or chronic (long term non painful) conditions where patients are chenching or grinding their teeth. Other names for these problems are TMJD, TMD, parafunction or bruxism.

Often patients present with worn teeth, sore jaws, headaches, difficulty opening or closing, fractured teeth or restorations. Many people clench their teeth or grind their teeth during the day or more commonly at night. This activity puts pressure on the teeth,jaw joints and muscles.

At Dublin Specialist Dentistry Dr. Fitzgerald treats a range of these problems using precision made bite splints. Many patient will have had soft gum shields made however these are not for long term use, make problems worse and wear out easily. Other have had previous hard night guards that were uncomfortable and little more than bulky lumps of plastic with no other function than to prop open the bite.

A properly made all acrylic night splint is recognised as the best type of night splint. At Dublin Specialist Dentistry we offer no other kind. There splints are manufactured off super accurate impressions of your teeth, which are then mounted on a machine call and dental articulator which simulates the way your teeth come together and also how your jaw move forwards, backwards and side to side.

A bite pattern is created on the splint which is designed to be even and comfortable, relieve muscle stress and separate the teeth during grinding movements. These are durable and with simple maintenance can last 4-7 years.

Splints are usually put on your upper teeth but in some circumstances they are made to fit the lower teeth. Splints protect your teeth, protect your crowns, veneers or implant from excessive forces and relieve pain caused by muscle stress.

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