Dublin Specialist Dentistry

Free Oral Cancer Screening Day 21st September 2011 - Drop in clinic, no appointment necessary. This is part of the Irish Dental Association Oral Cancer Awareness Day.

The combination of smoking tobacco containing products and drinking alcoholic drinks are the biggest preventable causes of oral cancers.

Prevention is certainly better than cure in the case of oral cancer. The best advice is to cease all tobacco habits and consume alcohol in moderation.

In accordance with current guidelines, cancer is best treated in Centres of excellence. For oral cancer this would be St James’s Hospital National Maxillofacial Unit or The Dublin Dental School & Hospital Oral & Maxillofacial department.

At Dublin Specialist Dentistry, we may assist in the rapid clinical and laboratory diagnosis of suspicious lesions and this leads to early definitive treatment.

Oral cancer may present in many different forms;
Patients need to be suspicious of hard lumps or non-healing ulcers that persist for more than 2 weeks.
Do not ignore these lesions as early diagnosis and treatment is essential.