Dublin Specialist Dentistry

How to make a referral?



There are three ways to make a referral. A referral letter is not essential.

1. Telephone the practice on (01) 2933664 and we will take the patient details.


2. Write to us, details here.


3. Email us at info@specialistdentistry.ie


If you wish we can send you a referral booklet with addressed envelopes upon request. Cards available upon request.

Please include the patients details, contact numbers, any relevant radiographs (these will be returned) and details of the treatment required.

For prosthodontic cases please also outline if you wish to undertake any of the treatment yourself, such as bleaching etc.

Once a referral is made:

  1. We will contact the patient to arrange a consultation.
  2. Once the consultation is complete the patient and you will receive a written report.
  3. Upon completion of treatment you will be sent a completion notice.
  4. We will refer all patient back to your care once treatment is complete.
  5. We sometimes need to refer a patient back to you or to another specialist for perio, endodontic or orthodontic treatment. You will be contacted for your preference regarding these referrals.
  6. If the patient declines a consultation you will receive a letter outlining this for your records.

We promise to:


  1. See your patient as soon as possible for routine consultations.
  2. See your patient within 2-3 working days for Oral Surgery Emergencies.
  3. See emergency patients on the day of referral where possible.
  4. Deal with the patients post operative emergencies.
  5. Keep you up to date at all times.
  6. Impress upon the patient the requirement for routine dental care.
  7. Offer the patient a number of treatment options.