Dublin Specialist Dentistry

Guarantee Policy

  • Dental Implants - we will replace failed dental implants free of charge. Implant failure is uncommon but happens in 3-10% of people. If you have a failed implant we will replace it free of charge. If you need grafting and did not have it the first time we will charge for this. Sometimes implants¬† fail later on some years after placement. We will replace any implant in the first year and on the sliding scale below after that. We do not guarantee implants after 5 years however do do expect them to last for many decades at the least. If the prosthetics need replacement or alteration after implant failure the standard guarantee below applies. We do not guarantee implants for patient who choose to smoke.
  • Fixed Prosthodontic work (crowns, veneers, bridges, implants) - anything that happens in the first year we will deal with free of charge without question. In the second year we guarantee 80% of the remake cost, the third year 60% of the remake cost, fourth year 40% of the cost and fifth year 20% of the remake cost. After five years you are fully liable for any remakes. Any fractures or problems due to trauma or endodontic (root canal problems) issues are not covered.
  • Removable prosthodontic work (dentures, precision attached chrome's) - the same guarantee applies as fixed prosthodontic work above, however the guarantee does not cover relines, attachment replacements or repair of fractured denture teeth after the first year. In the first year all maintenance costs are covered.
  • If you are a diagnosed grinder or clencher your dental treatment may be at more risk than those who do not grind, your individual risk and guarantee will be discussed with you at the consultation.
  • Maintenance visits and check visits are free for the first year. After the first year there is a charge for maintenance visits.
  • All guarantees are reliant on keeping to the prescribed maintenance schedule.